1. What is the purpose of the Pics2Phones software?
Pics2Phones primary function is to enable a user to modify photographs and have the ability to easily transfer them to a mobile device. There are options within the software to change the appearance of the picture, crop the picture, put borders around the picture, add backgrounds, add text, and send the picture to your mobile device. There are wizards available to help you with the important functions of the software if required, as well as a very detailed online help system. It is also possible from within the software to purchase data cables and accessories for your mobile device. All of this without having to worry about the size of screen your mobile device has, cropping, resolution and acceptable file sizes
2. Who can use the Pics2Phones software?
Basically anyone who has a mobile device which can display pictures, a PC and a licensed copy of Pics2Phones.
3. Will Pics2Phones definitely support my mobile device?
Pics2Phones currently supports over 1080 different mobile devices. The mobile device list is kept up to date on a monthly basis and it is possible once you have purchased the software to get the most up to date list with just one click. If for some reason your mobile device is not listed by Pics2Phones it is possible to create a custom device - so anyone can use Pics2Phones.
4. Pics2Phones installed ok so, why does it crash With an Exception Error when i try to run it?

If you are recieving an error such as "Application has generated an exception that could not be handled. Process ID= 0xfffc4a4f (-243121, Thread ID= 0xfffa2ac3 (-382269)" Click ok to cancel then :

The error you are receiving, is caused because the user who is logged on to use Pics2Phones, does not have "write" access to Pics2Phones folder where the software is installed.

This means that you are probably not logged on as a user with high enough privilages. So, Uninstall Pics2Phones, log on as an Administrator, then re-install. Basically the main thing to remember when ever installing or uninstalling Pics2Phones, is that you should always be logged in as the systems Administrator, otherwise the correct permissions will not be given to normal users to run the software.

5. What do I need to be able to use Pics2Phones to transfer pictures to my mobile device?
Pics2Phones provides two different methods to output your picture. The first method allows you to save your correctly sized picture to any local or network drive on your PC or LAN. You would then upload your picture to your Mobile Device using either a data cable or wireless device such as Bluetooth. The upload method employed will depend on the accessories available for your particular mobile device. The second and the most popular method of transferring pictures to your mobile device is via the inbuilt WAP feature of Pics2Phones.

You can purchase all data cables and accessories though Pics2Phones if you wish, as well as independently.
6. Where can a get picture from to use with Pics2Phones?
Pics2Phones supports pictures in most formats. Any photographs scanned, taken with a digital camera, saved on a PC or network or obtained from the internet can be used with Pics2Phones. There is also an extensive clipart gallery included with the Pics2Phones software.
7. My mobile device is not WAP enabled. Can I still use Pics2Phones?
Yes. You can purchase a data cable, either independently or via Pics2Phones for use with your mobile device.
8. Once I have purchased the software is the any support available with Pics2Phones?
Yes. Pics2Phones offers email support for any registered user. However, we only support our product and cannot answer questions about your mobile device.
9. What are the requirements to run the Pics2Phones software?

Minimum PC Specification 800Mhz CPU; 256MB RAM; DirectX; 45MB Disk Space; Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003.

Recommended PC Specification 2Ghz CPU; 512MB RAM; DirectX; 100MB Disk Space; Windows 2000, XP, 2003. Broadband Connection.

10. Is there are “Try Before You Buy” version of Pics2Phones?
Yes. Click www.pics2phones.com to download the try before you buy version of Pics2Phones.
11. If a new version of Pics2Phones is released will I qualify?
You will qualify for any updates to the Pics2Phones software until a new major version is released. For example if you have purchased Pics2Phones version 1.2 you will qualify for all releases up to version 2 which will be a major release.
12. How often do you update the mobile device list?
The mobile device list is updated every month.
13. Can I use parts of a picture for transfer to Pics2Phones or does it have to be the whole picture?
You can use all or any part of a photograph using the cropping and zoom tools included with Pics2Phones to fill the frame of your mobile device.
14. Is the clipart part of the software or do you access it over the internet?
Clipart is not part of the software, it is stored on the Pics2Phones website. The advantage of this is two fold. It significantly reduces the size of the download when you purchase PICS2PHONES, and with the library being on the PICS2PHONES web site, means you can take advantage of additional free Clip Art as the catalogue of images gets updated.
15. What photograph adjustment tools are available in Pics2Phones?
There are a whole host of adjustment tools available in Pics2Phones. For example Hue / Saturation, Brightness / Contrast, Sepia, Invert, Rotate and flip.
16. How much does it cost to transfer a picture to my mobile device using Pics2Phones?
There is no charge for transferring pictures to your mobile device with the exception of the cost of the WAP transfer if you are using this method to send your pictures. The cost of this is the charge made by your service provider – Pics2Phones make no further charges once you have purchased the software.

Think of the savings you can make, no more visits to premium download sites to download a new picture or background. You can create as many as you like, and share them with friends and family, (all you need to know is their phone type & model) just email them a link. All it costs is the price of a 30 second WAP call to download your picture.
17. How long will my pictures be available on the Pics2Phones website?
The pictures you upload will remain on the Pics2Phones website for a minimum of 3 days.
18. Can I only use Pics2Phones with one mobile device?
No. You can use Pics2Phones with as many different mobile devices as you like.
19. Does Pics2Phones have all the standard features you would expect from photograph editing software?
Yes. All the standard tools you would expect, like Hue and Saturation are included with Pics2Phones.
20. What is the quality of the output from Pics2Phones?
Well, below is a selection of links to photographs produced by Pics2Phones for the Motorola PPx220. Click the links and your web browser will load and retrieve the photographs from the Internet. You will see that the quality displayed, is the same as the quality you will receive on your mobile device.

SepiaThe BossClose Up